• Kate Williams

Ready for freedom?

I have been observing myself carefully this week, as lockdown eases. I know that part of me wants to rush to the shops and yes, have a really nice pint at the pub. But now that has become a possibility, I am not so sure.

It has been such a strange time and a lot has been said and written about the effects COVID has had on us. The reason being that the effects on each of us has been so different. As individuals in a multitude of different circumstance, it is impossible to generalise about how we are going to react and behave to the changing circumstances. Some embrace change fearlessly while others will take a more cautious approach. The media has some great pictures of the city centres thronged with excited pub goers and the queues at the large stores. But that is not the whole picture. Some may be feeling that they would rather be safe at home and that the last thing they want to do is be among others.There is no right or wrong except in making judgments or assumptions about individuals. Unless we are in ‘the shoes’ of a person, we can’t fully appreciate their perspective.

As I coach, I hold this very much in mind. Everyone is unique and has a unique set of views and circumstance. This time of change gives us an opportunity to think about what we want going forward. Perhaps there is something you wish to overcome or a new habit you would like to form in this new post lockdown world? Whether you are a fearless, fast mover or a reflective, mindful changer, coaching could help you on your way.

When I think about what I want, I have to be honest with myself....I am not a great one for shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love the thrill of a new purchase and I will indulge in a splurge every so often. But right now? While I am so happy to see people out and about enjoying the things they have missed, I know that the shops will still be there when I am ready. And as for that pint? I think I can wait, at least until the weather is warmer!

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