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Who am I in real life?

In my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, someone had posted the question,"Are you like you are on Twitter?" I found this really interesting and have been mulling it over. While social media can be a pretty unpleasant place, I love my area of Twitter. While I don't use it every day and often not for days,I enjoy following gardeners and walkers and people who think about the environment. There are always lovely images to look at and I enjoy seeing the replies people send and the supportive tone of their comments. The Tweeters are generous with their likes and send out positive messages of encouragement.

My contributing tweets, follow the highs and lows of my efforts in the garden and nice pictures of my dog and our walks. I like putting my tweets together. I take pictures that are vaguely in focus of subjects that hope will be of some interest. In the search for these images, I find that I pay much more attention when I am on a walk or in my garden. When looking around with fresh eyes there is so much to see of beauty and interest, that I become snap happy with the camera and engrossed with the delights of the world around me. The activity of seeing what is around becomes an end in itself, focusing my mind and switching off the stream of drivel that usually occupies it!

I think carefully about the words that accompany each image. Being limited to 40 characters is sometimes a challenge but in that comes a discipline and a need to consider each word. Working out what it is I want to say and the effect of each word, makes me stop and think. Rather than the usual flow of half thought out ideas and waffle, the brain is engaged before the words are written. There have been many occasions when I wish I had have given an equal amount of thought to what I have said! The more mindful approach has definite advantages, as well as the fact that typed words can be erased. If only words said in haste could be unsaid!

I wonder what it would be like to meet the people behind the tweets? I like to think they would be exactly as I imagine them; kind, caring and knowledgeable. But the question is, am I like I am on Twitter? Do I always look at things from a positive view point? Am I always encouraging? Do acknowledge my failures with fortitude?

Well, in all honesty, no. In real time I am often in a rush and don't notice or appreciate the world around me. I say things without thinking and wish to goodness I could take them back. I am a human being, doing the best I can. There are times when I am all of the above and times when I fall well short of those intentions. Would I like to be who I am on Twitter? Yes, I would. I would love to be always present in the moment, calm and appreciative, ever thoughtful. As it is, I am a work in progress and I am quite sure that this will always be the case!

The process of putting together this image of myself on Twitter is not wasted. It brings my attention to how I can be. In the collation of pictures and words I am practising and developing an awareness. I know that it makes me feel more positive and lifts my mood. I feel connected to the wider world in a small but joyous way. And at the very least, I have a great collection of pictures of my dog!

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